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marijuana information

The marijuana information provided at the Hollywood Easy Clinic and the Studio City Easy Clinic can help you with any questions pertaining to medical cannabis. Patients return to our cannabis clinic each year because of the quality of service and information they receive from the doctors and staff. That and the fact we’re a legitimate doctor’s office, unlike Jessie’s experience.

Review by Jessie H.
I went to this place after my other “doctor” disappeared into the night after channel 4 news busted them for not have real doctors on staff. �Happy Medical was the name, and they left ALL their patients high and dry– stealing their money and their personal information. �I hope my personal information is safe….. crossing my fingers. So I went to Hollywood Easy Clinic after my dispensary suggested it, �and they were nice enough to do my recommendation as a renewal (it’s a bit cheaper as a renewal) even though the Happy Medical certificate was not actually done by a real doctor. �I bought the ID card, too. �I was a bit hesitant to buy it, because I’ve heard the cops don’t accept it. �But my neighbor is a law enforcement officer– so I showed it to him and he told me since the reverse side is hand signed by the doctor, it’s a valid form of ID to prove you are a medical marijuana patient. �So I’m now super happy I bought it. I’m sending my best friend here who also has a bogus certificate from Happy Medical.

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marijuana informationmarijuana information

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