Medical Marijuana Renewal


Medical Marijuana RenewalWhat is a Medical Marijuana Renewal?

Medical marijuana renewal is a term in the medical marijuana community that arose out of the medical marijuana identification card program. Since patients need to see a medical doctor each year at minimum to have a medical marijuana recommendation in good standing, the phrase stuck. Cannabis patients who follow up with their doctor about their cannabis / medical marijuana treatment after their recommendation has expired. For patients who have already consulted with a physician and have started medical marijuana treatment, we offer a reduced fee for their medical marijuana renewal for continued medical care. We receive many patients from Venice that had been burned with advertisements of $25 dollars, then were later informed that the cost just increased to $100 or even $200 dollars. Or other establishments advertising $15 and see a doctor over skype for the first time. The California Medical board recently issued an opinion about medical marijuana renewals that states patients can be seen through telemedicine as long as an appropriate prior exam has been conducted. We also receive many patients that see a doctor for an advertised price of $25 and are instructed that they have to buy and ID card for $20. Our prices are $40 for returning / “renewing” patients. If you are coming from another doctor, you must bring your original recommendation with you. We do have a wallet sized recommendation that is offered as a convenience for an additional $20.

A medical marijuana renewal for us is: A patient previously seen by OUR doctor or a patient seen by another doctor that was issued a recommendation that expired within the past month.
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