Medical Marijuana Doctors in Los Angeles California

By: Growing Medical Marijuana Card Doctor
September 18, 2014
Medical marijuana doctors at the Hollywood Easy Clinic specialize in Medical Marijuana Cards, Licenses, Recommendations, Renewals for growing marijuana / cannabis. This clinic and has been open for 5 years and started because of the need for a doctors clinic that didn’t try to scam its patients when run by non doctors. Many of these clinics will advertise a “cultivation license” entitling you to grow cannabis. The truth is that a standard recommendation is sufficient for growing medical marijuana. However there are instances when a patient requires more than 6 plants for their medication. A “cultivation license”, aka “growers license”, or growers permit, is really an exemption above the standard 6 mature plants stated in California Senate Bill 420. Cultivation Recommendations, Growers Licenses or Growers Recommendations are really misnomers as a standard recommendation allows a patient to grow up to 6 plants in California.

Medical Marijuana Doctors

 The California Supreme Court stated that this number of 6 plants is arbitrary and a patient can grow as much cannabis as required for their condition. However, a California patient can not grow beyond the federal limit or your local city ordinances. The number 99 has been mentioned as the federal limit, but we would recommend consulting an attorney regarding your true limit. Cultivation recommendations should not be confused with “vendor licenses” or collective grower authorizations issued by a cooperative or collective. Collective grower authorizations are issued to caregivers that grow on behalf of a cooperative.

Growing Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Studio City Easy Clinic

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