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Medical marijuana card valley village

October 14th, 2015.
By: Growing Medical Marijuana Card Doctor
Medical marijuana card valley village by the best cannabis doctors from the studio city easy clinic. The safest type of medical marijuana in the world is the cannabis that you cultivate in your own garden with your own supervision. Who else cares more about your health than you? A standard medical marijuana card or written recommendation from your licensed California medical doctor is all that is required to grow your own medication. However, most patients starting out should first consult their primary care physician prior to seeing if medical marijuana is for them (this is only the case if your primary care physician is actually aware of all of your medical problems). If your primary care physician doesn’t even know you are their patient then your best option is to obtain a list of diagnoses from him / her about your previous medical history. You would then take this information to me during our consultation. This is the easiest way for me to determine if medical marijuana is safe for your and appropriate for your condition.

As a new patient being open to medical marijuana as a treatment, I do not suggest investing the time, money, and effort to cultivate marijuana if it doesn’t work for you. I would suggest first talking with your doctor or me if you don’t really have a relationship with your doctor. Then you should join a collective group of patients to try the medicine that they grow and see if any of the marijuana strains work for your condition.

Growing medical marijuana in California is simpler than you think. Multiple patients in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and San Bernardino County grow their own medical marijuana. Humboldt County patients have been growing medicinal marijuana of their own for years. But cultivating cannabis is not limited Humboldt or Northern California as many patients are now growing their own medical marijuana in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Orange County, and even as far down as San Diego County. Is it legal tor grow marijuana in California? It depends. Prop 215 doesn’t make marijuana illegal, it only decriminalizes it for medical purposes.

Once you have found the correct medical marijuana strain that helps your disease the most, I would suggest that you find clones or seeds from that specific cannabis plant that works for you. If you want to eliminate the chance that 50% of your seeds will be male, I suggest finding female clones of your specific strain.

Now what is this idea behind the growers card, cultivation license, or a growing license? Growers recommendations etc. are common phrases that patients talk about when they are desiring to grow more cannabis that outlined in Senate Bill 420. Currently SB420 states that a standard patient can grow up to 6 mature cannabis plants or 12 immature marijuana clones. However the California Supreme Court states that these numbers are arbitrary and a patient can grow up to their medical marijuana requirements but no more.